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Let's talk about nails


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Let's talk about nails

The general rule for nail clipping for cats is every fourteen days, while for dogs it's every six weeks, however some of our canine friends do not even remotely fit into these guidelines. Some dogs nails will grow much faster, while others very slow, and even the energy level of your pet can contribute to the nail growth factor as well. I have a boxer and have never actually had to cut her nails, she is so busy that her nails are naturally filed to a healthy length, and in saying that my friend has a boxer and her nails have to be clipped every six weeks without fail. I also have a cock-a-poo, her nails grow very slowly and only need to be tipped every six weeks.

Why do you want to keep you dogs nails at a healthy length? 
There is a multiple of reasons why your dogs nails need to be trimmed regularly (if needed) 
If you let your dogs nails grow to long the quick will actually start to grow with the nail and then your dog is left with longer than comfortable nails, this makes it harder to walk and can eventually end up causing joint problems in the feet. Shorter nails look neater, they minimize damage that comes from long nails, (scratches to humans, other pets during play time, wood floors, vehicle  interior, furniture etc.)

If a quick is clipped during nail clipping at home, stay calm, they bleed a lot (cat's will bleed much more than a dog's and tend to be much more sensitive) you can get some corn starch or some flour and apply it to the injured quick, hold for approximately 30 seconds, this should stop the blood flow. If bleeding continues, worsens or is severe, proceed to the vet.
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